Jewish Culture

Our Cultural Fusion Concert Series showcases an eclectic lineup of artists who blend geographic and cultural influences to create a unifying force of music.

The final performance in the 2016 series was a celebration of Jewish Klezmer music. The sixth annual Klezfest featured Hal Aqua and the Lost Tribe, Rabbi Joe Black with Sandra Wong, and a special performance by Brooklyn-based Tsibele.

Hal Aqua and The Lost Tribe play klezmer fusion music — an exuberant musical experience, rooted firmly in traditional Jewish modes and melodies and driven by contemporary rhythms and danceable grooves. The Lost Tribe steeps their songs in a broth spiced with rock, reggae, salsa, funk and hip-hop influences, serving up an irresistible party vibe.

Rabbi Joe Black is a prolific musician and songwriter who has shared his music with hundreds of communities around the world. He has recorded five CDs of original music and published children’s books, a songbook, and a book of limericks. Rabbi Joe is a warm, funny and engaging performer. He will be joined at Klezfest by Boulder-based violinist Sandra Wong.

Tsibele (Yiddish for “onion”) is a new-traditional, all-female klezmer band whose music explores the limits of the klezmer idiom through improvisation and songs from the edges of klezmer. Each band member brings their own take on the genre, and together they present a unique voice in the klezmer scene.